Yo! Noid II: Enter the Void DustinBragg, Levus, Quade Zaban, harrisonbright, breadotop, ompu co, Dozzyrok, Nick Smalley, myles, Baycunn 2017

This is an unofficial sequel to the NES game Yo! Noid created for Waypoint's New Jam City 2017 game jam. Unlike the first game it is not a 2D platformer, instead emulating the gameplay and aesthetics of 90's 3D platformers. In the game the player plays as the titular Noid, whose trusty yo-yo has been stolen. The Noid must go on a quest to find his yo-yo and take revenge on the individual who stole it. The game plays like a standard 3D platfromer. The Noid has multiple skills he can use to traverse the game's levels, he can jump, wall run, wall jump, and using his yo-yo can also grapple onto specific points to swing from them. The yo-yo is also used to pull levers, open doors, and fling projectiles. The player has unlimited lives and the levels have a fairly generous amount of checkpoints. An updated version Game of the Year Edition was later released in June/2018 which adds a few additional features such as: An updated pause menu; A "Remaster" option which disables the 4:3 letterboxing and other post-processing effects; Four additional playable characters; And a secret ending.
Remastered Free Game v2.1 137MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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