Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Sunnyville Slapdash Games / Big Fish Games Inc 2008

This is a hidden object game with a home improvement theme. Each stage starts in one of eight rooms of a house in need of interior decoration. The player has to find a list of objects on yard sales of the surrounding neighborhood. Some of the things found are repaired and added later to the room. The yards have unique themes related to their owners. The scientist sells books and laboratory equipment, the vampire sells spiders and other ghoulish items, the clown yard has circus props, etc. The mini-games at the end of each stage are also synchronized to the neighbors personality. For example, the sailor asks the player to reassemble his treasure map. Some of the items need repair before being placed in the room. This happens on a separate interactive screen, where the player needs to cut, clean, paint and assemble several objects with the mouse cursor. Each room/stage starts with three hints, and extra ones can be collected by clicking on stars hidden on the screen.
Full Demo 64MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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