Urmel aus dem Eis [G] Modern Games 2006

Everything seems peaceful on the South Sea island of Titiwu ... One day, however, an iceberg is washed up where Professor Habakuk and his talking animals discover an egg from which a friendly primeval creature hatches - the Urmel. It quickly becomes the darling of the islanders. Everything could be so beautiful, but then the passionate hunter,King Pumponell, learns about Urmel and sets out to Titiwu to hunt it. The Urmel needs your help now. In this 3D Jump'n'Run game, the player helps Urmel and his friends escape from King Pumponell. In many exciting levels different tasks are set, in which one must prove speed and skill. Extras: includes original speaker from Urmel from the movie (titled Impy's Island in English); demo game on "Urmel - the party game", comic strip engine to create a Urmel comic, pictures from the Urmel-Kinowelt, Screensavers, as well as Wallpapers; Numerous different levels that guarantee great fun, such as Ping rescues the Urmel egg from rolling field blocks; Wawa the lizard throws coconuts at the king to drive him away; Shush the bird flies with Urmel through a gorge; Escape through a gorge; Tree trunk surfing; Urmel in the labyrinth; exciting underwater ride in the barrel; Different levels of difficulty for young and old; Fully modeled 3D world.
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German ISO Demo 400MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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