SkyRoads Bluemoon Interactive / Creative Dimensions 1993

This was a polished-up remake of the developer's first commercial game – Kosmonaut. The three months we spent developing this very addictive piece of entertainment was probably the best paid off time in Bluemoon's history so far: although released as small scale shareware title in 1993, they managed to sell the game all over the world, getting LCR distribution deals for it from U.S. to Taiwan. You could play this game just for the amazing sound tracks, but the gameplay is also very catchy. Simply, you need to steer your space vehicle along the course, jumping and dodging blocks that will wipe you out when you're flying along at light-speed. Balancing acceleration and fuel usage becomes tricky when you've got a time limit to beat with hardly any fuel in the tank. Your reflexes and timing will be the difference between getting home safely and floating aimlessly through space. It was later made freeware. In 2005, a fan-made Flash remake, SWFRoads, was released. It's required to reach the end of each road without crashing into an obstacle or falling through a hole in the floor. Use the arrow keys to move around and accelerate, and the spacebar to jump. Along the way, different floor tiles will have different effects: the sticky tile will slow you; the boost tile will speed you up; the slippery tile will make you slide; and the burning tile will destroy you. There are eighteen roads to play, taken from the original SkyRoads. The game includes a level editor and the ability to load custom levels created by other players.
Freeware Game + Shareware Level Demo 580kb+428kb (uploaded by speedracer)
Browser-Playable Free HTML5 Game (uploaded by Open Roads)
SWFRoads - Browser-Playable Free Fan-Made Flash Remake (uploaded by Official Site)

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