Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage Rex Born Lucky Games / Klabater 2018

This is an extremely dynamic, colorful and funny arcade game that won't resist neither a child nor an adult. Thanks to the co-operative mode of up to four players, you can destroy aliens without worrying about the consequences. In the crusade to save the planet, Rex will travel through endless deserts, ice floes, dangerous jungles and a modern city to finally defeat the invaders in their mysterious base hidden at the North Pole. Change the appearance of Rex, buy new skins and modify it the way you like the most. Defeat the aliens, destroy everything what will stand in your way and release your prehistoric power. ROARR! Features: Proper game for adults and children; A modern approach to the classic brawler; A story told with a pinch of salt, with easy-to-learn gameplay; A great game for a party with friends; Co-op mode up to 4 players at the same time; Polygons sharp as T-Rex teeth; 6 worlds, 6 bosses, 1 angry dinosaur; 25 types of dangerous opponents; The ability to change the appearance of the main character.
Download: None currently available

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