Awake: Episode One Start VR 2018

Enter the world of AWAKE, a ground-breaking first-person cinematic VR thriller, that blurs the line between memories, dreams and reality. In Episode One, you are a new presence in the story of Harry; a man obsessed with solving a mysterious lucid dream. It’s an obsession that has also cost Harry dearly and now he is stuck, waiting for release. You are the witness and it’s time for Harry to wake up. As the ever deepening layers of Harry’s story are revealed a sinister force could lead to Harry breaking one last time. AWAKE presents a rich new genre of immersive cinema, for you to discover. Features: A genre-defining 20-minute immersive cinematic experience; Designed for room-scale VR; Thought-provoking, mind-bending and mysterious; A complex narrative riddled with intrigue; Hollywood cast delivering best-in-class performances; 15+ minutes of stunning Volumetric Video performance capture; Light-interactive story progression; Photo-realistic sets and special effects; Cinematic score and spine-tingling audio design; other VR headsets. It was designed to be a room-scale virtual reality experience, and optimized for the HTC Vive. We plan to release a Windows Mixed Reality version in early 2019 and an Oculus Rift version soon after. It's the opening chapter of an epic eight part series, exploring the nature of reality and the human condition in all its levels. What if humanity is on the edge of a radical evolutionary awakening; the perfect instrument for reshaping the fabric of our universe? Future episodes get closer to unlocking deeper truths about what these collective dreams mean, with each episode deploying story-driven interactive mechanics unique to each plot, empowering audiences to learn new abilities in manipulating reality.
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