Sakin II [J] Emotion Digital Software / Amuse Inc. 1996

In 1986, was made a solo album called "gold". Yet the era of vinyl records in the BOX with a 72-page booklet and paper crafts with the "extra" album was unusual things at that time. Want to enjoy diversified and multi objective records and it is easy to make an attempt. Since then alternative CD record, ten years have passed. This time, attempt new media CD-ROM in the breath blowing when to return. Images and story in new homes is now found on discs. Also enjoyed many Visual Media is concerned, they will attempt to create a world not changed, so the title was Placer mine. Something new this piece suggests that whether or not it is easy enjoys in only commend to you you do not. No answer after 10 years, five years later looking for pieces with the basics of the game, items on the screen, the cursor changes, click. And clicking the arrow cursor to move location. You can click the lips part and listening to the conversation. The story progresses and conversations with the characters, finding items, solve puzzles and mini-games. Design becomes the standard of the progress of the story to the top of the screen is displayed. As the story unfolds, changes color to gray. In the bottom of the screen the item visible. Displays the total number of items currently have. Placer mine, some items appeared. Items can be put in hand by clicking and then will be used automatically when necessary. If you put something in a variety of locations we converse with people and let. Obtained item is displayed at the bottom of the screen. And not what can be lost again with. That story does not advance with the wrong choices.
Japanese ISO Demo + Scans + OST (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 615MB

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