Mind-Gym Melrose Interactive / NoHo Digital 1997

Winner of the 'Best Use of Comedy in Multimedia' BAFTA Award. this is the biggest and most addictive personality test you'll ever do. Enjoy the very latest in intelligent entertainment with this innovative, highly interactive 'mental fitness' CD-ROM, designed to expose the limits of your mind, build up your brain power and develop creativity in a highly personalized workout. After meeting your charismatic personal trainer in the Changing Room, undergo a sweat-induced assessment of your mental strengths and weaknesses. Face a barrage of fast-paced, funny and unpredictable mental games via a series of richly detailed, animated 3D environments, including the Games Room (for homing memory skills, numeracy and spatial awareness); The Pool of Ideas (for exploring different forms of creativity and idea generation) and The Think Tank (for developing ways of turning great ideas into practical realities). Details of past sessions are recorded so that you can attack your weak areas again next time you've got the strength to tackle this zany, addictive and character-testing disk.
ISO Demo 344MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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