Au Nom de l'Hermine [Fr] Edith Perrinet, Anne Durand / Coktel Vision 1987

Would you like to know what a 5th grade student needs to learn about a castle? This offers software scripted on a castle background where you visit the different parts of the castle, discuss or disagree with the inhabitants. The software offers you a series of tables. You interact with the avatars in front of you. Your lord has given you 80 crowns and you will spend them to get more knowledge or when you are lost. Once you have finished your visit, the app offers to place the different parts of the castle in their place. The graphics in EGA are colorful and quite neat. They have pleasantly aged. The year is 1249, and Senor Angerran, in whose service we are happy to be, entrusts the faceless and nameless protagonist with an important and unexpectedly spy mission: Senor Godri from the neighboring castle went on a crusade, leaving one husband and wife on the farm, - and our suzerain came to the profound conclusion that this is the most suitable moment for the perfidious attack. However, to organize a successful attack, you must first find out some information about the enemy: that's what we are required to draw up a plan of the castle and differentuate the size of its garrison, the civilian population, the presence inside the well and the amount of reserves, allowing the inhabitants to withstand a siege for months, and along with the thickness and height of the walls. To conduct this reconnaissance operation, we put 80 ecu at our disposal - and one day before sunset. So, early in the morning we find ourselves in front of the entrance to an alien castle, bustling with life and inhabited by various characters, always ready to chat with a stranger in pure modern French and tell all the details about their daily activities: a knight and a squire, a blacksmith and a cook, an archer and a troubadour, peasants -surfs and guards from the garrison. In total we are waiting for a dozen locations and three dozen characters, including several overlapping in occupation. Including in terms of musical design: the medieval melody accompanying the splash screen with a bird's-eye view of the castle, performed by PC Speaker, to put it mildly, is not particularly impressive; in the future, the sound effects appear only as an indication of the correct or incorrect of the answers given by us - just like in many other educational games from Coktel Vision. Upon returning to Senor Angerran, we will need to “draw” him a plan of the castle, that is, correctly place the letters on the image from that screensaver indicating the location of the donjon, chapel, curtains, etc., and then enter the answers to five key questions. Depending on the completeness and adequacy of the information provided, we will receive a message about a successful or unsuccessful attack completing the game - and at the same time the opportunity to see the correct options.
French Full Demo 124kb (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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