Veta Mera Matematik Och Klockan [Sw] Frolunda Data AB 2002

Learn the basics of mathematics with seven different exercises. Count the number of animals 1-10 that enter the screen and listen to the numbers. Numeric memo with numbers and underlying images that are uncovered. Listen to the numbers. What numbers are taken ?: Exercises on the number line using the centipede. Here you will understand the pattern of numbers and fill in the ones that are taken eg. 2,4,6 ... or 5, 10, 15. Practice addition and subtraction. The locomotive draws five wagons. Each cart contains a task. When you solve a task, the train whistle is heard and the next trolley rolls forward. When you're done, the train rolls on and you get praise. Clock: Analog - Pair the written words for eg. half past four with the right clock Clock: digital - Pair digital time with what it looks like on a regular clock. Listen to the different times. The program contains exercises that train the connection between number and number, exercises to recognize equal numbers, the number line and frame count, count addition and subtraction, and exercises on both the analog and the digital clock. The program is very flexible. You can set eg. font and size. You can choose to have a digit line on the screen or not. Settings are saved for each user. The program can be controlled with mouse, touch screen, keyboard and one or two contacts. There are several different language versions on the CD: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Italian.
Multi6 ISO Demo 73MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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