Adventures of Hyperman, The SAPIEN Technologies / Illumina Productions / IBM Multimedia 1995

This educational point and click adventure game is based on the Hyperman cartoon tv-series, it teaches gamers (kids or not-so-kids) different stuff about science through puzzles. The plot of the game is very simple, the two bad guys, Entrobe and Kid Chaos, are loose and try to bring chaos to the earth by adulterating and messing up with the environment properties of the planet, so it's up to Hyperman and his side-kick Emma to stop them by solving different puzzles in which they are gonna need to know some things about different concepts of science. The puzzle types are very varied, from simple mini-games to more thinking oriented puzzles. As in every point and click adventure game you have your inventory, essential to solve the puzzles, though there aren't different cursors for different actions.
ISO Demo 110Mb (provided by Rees & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo 133MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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