Alien Logic: SkyRealms Of Jorune Ceridus Software, Inc. / Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1994

Enter a unique world of role-playing that is fully developed and thoroughly convincing. Based on the highly acclaimed, ground-breaking Skyrealms of Jorune game system, Alien Logic propels you 3500 years into the future exploring a vast alien universe. A real-time simulation interface packs a variety of interaction modes. And with the stunning realism of leading-edge super-VGA graphics and CD quality sounds, you will leave your world behind. You must discover the secrets of the Warpworld to defeat the evil Red Shantha and rescue your fellow villagers. Despite it being based on a good paper & pencil RPG, the game is more akin to an action/adventure game than traditional RPG due to its lack of character stats and focus on puzzles and conversation with NPCs, and combat relies more on reflexes than planning. Still, the intriguing alien world and neat spells make up for its quirks. Just be prepared for some serious bugs, some repetitive combats, and a lot of time spent on travelling.
Full Demo 13MB ( @ DopeRoms)
ISO Demo 131MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Video Review

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