Arcade America 7th Level, Inc. / BMG Interactive Entertainment 1996

This wacky platform game has unique cartoon graphics. Can you help Andy get to Woodstock in time? There's a big concert that's about to happen, and there isn't much time to make it all the way across the country. You'll try to conquer each of the 60 levels in this epic journey by solving puzzles, finding items, and discovering hidden secrets throughout each city. Step aside hedgehogs, earth worms and donkeys to make room for Joey and the Monsters. Grunt, jump and belly bump your way across the country stopping at ten challenging game locations to retrieve Joey's mishcievous pet monsters before they destroy America. Help Joey capture Bobby Broadway while dodging hurling puke and fighting tough bouncer dudes in Las Vegas. Track the Roadkill through waterfalls and caves while being attacked by donkeys at the Grand Canyon. Crawl through mud fields chased by monster trucks to capture Plant and the elusive Alfalfa Laxative. Stop the power hungry Rotunda Splat in Washington D.C. by jumping on bouncing checks and riding rockets through the Pentagon. There's more than 10,000 frames of movie-quality animation.
Level Demo included in: Windows 95 Game Sampler (1996) ISO Demo 266MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full Demo with DOSBox 102MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
ISO Demo 131MB ( uploaded by Egon68)

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