Arcatera: The Dark Brotherhood Westka Interactive GmbH / Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 2000

Something is rotten in the quiet medieval town of Senora... A mysterious Dark Brotherhood seems to take control of the town, and it's your quest to discover the identity of the villains and to liberate the inhabitants. "Arcatera" is a mixture of adventure and a real-time RPG. While its design and interface remind more of a classical point-&-click adventure, it has also many typical RPG features: usage of different weapons, spells, combat system etc. You can play 4 different characters. The gameplay is non-linear and the development of the story depends mostly at the character you choose. You have almost unlimited freedom and can speak to, or attack NPCs at your wish, bearing the consequences. Even if you do nothing, the in-game life continues on its own.
3CD ISO Demo 2.03GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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