Azada: Ancient Magic Big Fish Games, Inc 2008

This is the sequel to Azada (2007). Like its predecessor, it is a point-and click adventure with simple puzzles. The game takes place in a small library, where the objective is to fix the plot of several magic books ruined by an evil spell. Each book acts as a self-contained mini-adventure, and the locations are illustrated pages that can be flipped back and forth. Dracula, Rapunzel, King Arthur, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill and Robinson Crusoe are among the characters players meet in the literary journey. Objects collected are stored in the inventory at the bottom of the screen that can be accessed by clicking on the bag icon. Each book has 2 hints, and the hint button also indicates when a page has no further puzzles or objects. Most of the time the player has to use the inventory items to solve the books, but some pages have logic puzzles that usually block access to a necessary item or part of the screen. They are unique to each book, and range from the common jigsaw puzzle to JezzBall-like mini-games. Players that get stuck on a book can leave it to be solved later, by going back to the library and selecting another one. Each book ends with the main character escaping through the use of a magic portrait. After being solved, the magic energy of the book fills a meter at the right side of the bookshelf. Every time this meter reaches its maximum capacity, the player receives an orb that allows any of the mini-games to be skipped. A total of four orbs can be stored on slots next to the hint button. After solving part of the book collection, the portraits collected from them have to be examined in a machine that reveals the magical symbols hidden on them. The player has access to a new set of books after solving a logic puzzle involving these symbols.
1-Hour Trial Demo 107Mb (@ Big Fish Games)
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ISO Demo 146MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo v 1.0.4 FINAL 130MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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