Back to the Future: The Game Telltale Games 2010

This is based on the Back to the Future film franchise. Bob Gale, the screenwriter for the three films, is assisting Telltale in developing the game's story, while both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have allowed Telltale to use their likenesses within the game for the lead characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown, respectively. Lloyd will also be providing the voice work for Doc Brown's character while new talent AJ LoCascio will be the voice of Marty McFly. The storyline includes Hill Valley, the DeLorean time machine, and other characters from the film. The game will be available in five episodes to be released roughly one per month. Episode 1 It's About Time (Dec 22) - Six months after the events in Part III, Marty McFly is adjusting to life without his best friend Doc Brown. When suddenly, the DeLorean time machine mysteriously appears out of nowhere. Marty learns that Doc has once again found himself stranded in another time period. So Marty must once again go back in time to rescue him. Marty jumps in the DeLorean and travels to June 13, 1931. Episode 2 Get Tannen! (Feb 17) - Doc Brown is still in 1930s Hill Valley along with Marty, who's beginning to feel a little immaterial as a result of their recent time-altering actions. This time around, Marty's grandfather is in trouble, and naturally a Tannen is the source of the problem. But can Marty save his ancestor in time without running into his own earlier incarnation first? Episode 3 Citizen Brown (Mar 29) - Marty has finally made it back to 1986 Hill Valley, but it's much a different place than he remembers. The world is now ruled by the mystererious 'First Citizen Brown', who looks and sounds suspiciously like a creepy version of Doc. As fate would have it, the first person Marty meets on his crash-landing arrival is his girlfriend Jennifer (voiced by Claudia Wells, the voice actress from the original Back to the Future movie). Any hopes he has of a happy reunion are soon dashed, however, as this hair-dyed, rebellious punker Jennifer wants nothing to do with everyone's favourite red-vested, time traveling "square". Episode 4 Double Visions (Apr 29) - It's time for the Hill Valley Expo! Back in 1986, Marty and First Citizen Brown must join forces to create an epic invention so that he can prevent the young Emmett Brown from making the worst mistake of his life. Episode 5 Outatime (June 23) - Lives are changed, mysteries are solved, and paradoxes are avoided as Young Emmett seals his fate, sending Marty and Doc ona climactic chase through Hill Valley's past, present, and future. Michael J. Fox, the star of the original movies who played Marty McFly, makes a voice cameo to play a new character, one of Marty's ancestors.
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Free Episode 1 It's About Time ( @ Official Site) *need to register to download
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.5 + Goodies 2.01+2.35GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
DVD9 ISO Demo 7.09GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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