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After the death of Lord North Vandernot of Ravencourt Castle, a young American girl named May Vandernot was left his entire estate. Jealousy brewed within the household and May feels that someone is trying to kill her. Upon hearing the news, Chief Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard decide to visit Ravencourt Castle and personally see to it that the girl remains unharmed and her would-be murderer be arrested before he/she can perform any evil deed. When Parker arrived, a great storm had him and the 12 people staying at the castle stranded. Parker discovered that May might be right because the rooms in the castle are all festered with deadly booby-traps. So before he can do any sleuthing, he will have to carefully disarm the traps. Hopefully, Inspector Parker will survive long enough to crack this case and apprehend the villain. This is a whodunit puzzle game where you guide Inspector Parker through the many rooms and floors of Ravencourt Castle in order to gather enough clues and evidence to pinpoint who the villain is. In terms of gameplay, the game is like a dish of minesweeper and a small side of adventure. When first entering a room, you will have to disarm the booby traps there. This is the minesweeper part. As you walk around the room, the tiles nearby will light up into a certain color. Blue means no traps are adjacent to the tile, green means one is adjacent, yellow means two and so forth. Base on these clues, you have to determine where these traps are and disarm them with a right click. Special traps act a bit differently: a Flashing Skull Trap indicates a hidden trap that can only be disarmed by finding the remote weapon aimed at it. If you step on one of them, you can save yourself by quickly stepping off. A timed trap must be disarmed before time runs out. Every time you are struck by a trap or right-clicked the wrong tile you will lose a life. If you run out of lives, then you will have to restart that room. Adventure part: When you finish disarming the room, you can start exploring it. By pressing the spacebar, you will see what can be interacted with. If you see a guest there, talk to them and find out as much as you can. Many times, by clicking a vent, you will hear secret conversation between guests. Also, by digging around, you will find items to put in your inventory. At the end of the game, you will have to determine who the killer is and what clues were use to solve the case. If you are more into the disarming-traps part of the game, you can always play in puzzle mode which offers 3 different difficulty settings. Here you will keep solving puzzles that gets progressively harder.
1-hour Trial Demo ~9Mb ( @ Big Fish Games) Flash Version Level Demo ( @
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Full Demo 9MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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