Blue Beard 2 / Barmaley Returns [Ru] Nikita Ltd. 2000

A map falls into Victor's hands. Victor is a brave boy and the main character of this story. A place where a treasure is buried is drawn on this map. Victor goes to Africa on a steamship and gets off on an unfamiliar coast. He sets out on his hazardous journey consulting his map. Victor walks a narrow path in the jungle making his way through lianas. Growling of wild animals is heard from all sides. Suddenly someone comes down onto the path. Why, it is Victor's old friend - the Parrot! They are very glad to see each other. Victor finds out that he is again in the same place where he has fought against the wicked thug Blue Beard not long ago. The Parrot tells Victor that Blue Beard has repaired his ship and he is going to become a pirate again. Victor tells the Parrot that he hopes to find the buried treasure with the help of the animals, of course. The friends start walking forward. Blue Beard jumps out of the bushes. He wants to know why Victor is in Africa again. A classic animation film, handmade in the best traditions of the classic cartoons. A variety of the game world - the game takes place in the jungle and in the savannah, on the rocks and underwater, in the clouds and on the pirate's ship. Even the youngest of the players understands the game errands. If one still have questions he just have to push F1 for help. Quest and arcades are combined in this family game. You can choose one of three difficulty levels of the game. And it is more fun to solve the riddles together. Unlike any full-length animation film, the game will give even the experienced players hours of pleasure and with their direct participation in the game.
Polish ISO Demo 169MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Skattjakten/Aarteenetsintä - Swedish/Finnish Clone ISO Demo 401MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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