Boyz Don't Cry [PL] L'Art 2005

Looking like it should be on the television, Boyz Don't Cry is a strangely-titled, yet gorgeous-looking, cartoon third-person adventure from Polish developers L'Art. Telling the story of a couple of gangsters called Fred and SuPearMan (bear with us here), Boyz Don't Cry is aiming to keep tongue firmly planted in cheek, as the protagonists wage war on drug dealers, uncover a significant number of plot twists, and become embroiled in the conspiracy of the evil-sounding Guy With The Beard. Based on cult Polish crime movie Guys Don't Cry (which is spelt correctly, for some reason), the game should be of particular interest to fans of a good, old-fashioned 2D adventure. Not so much ignoring as deliberately rebelling against the increasing number of 3D titles to grace our screens, L'Art have developed their own engine to power the proceedings. And the game looks stunning - as one glance at any of these beautiful screenshots will tell you. With some sumptuous looking stylised artwork, Boyz Don't Cry is one of the nicest looking adventure games in a long time, and shouldn't be dismissed just because it doesn't use pixel shaders or anisotropic filtering. Helping to set the game apart from other 2D works are the game's cutscenes. Rather than being fully animated, as in most games, they have been done in a comic book style – an individual touch, and one with definite potential. It's also a good length, with five hours of dialogue, fifty characters and an equal number of locations providing plenty of bang for your buck, all part of a sizable-sounding five-hundred page screenplay. No English version exists.
Polish ISO Demo 811MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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