Cooroora Mulawa Dreaming 2008

Cooroora builds on the tradition established by Peter's first three adventure-puzzle games, Xiama, Magnetic and Magicama. The focus this time is on word games and puzzles so whereas Magicama was "beyond words", Cooroora is all about words. In fact its tag line is "A Way With Words". The game setting is the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, Australia. Twenty-four "events" have been set up in 24 locations scattered about the area. A player's first task is to locate the event and then to vie for a bronze, silver or gold medal. Once again the locations are conveyed by superb full 360 degree panoramas. Several of these have been used to decorate this web site. Many events are totally original. Others are variations on old favourites. Participation in each event is not compulsory - players can move through all 24 locations without ever entering one event if they so desire. The scoring system has been carefully designed so that perfect scores are not necessary for medal success - this is so that players are not penalised by the game having access to a bigger word list than they do. As usual, every effort has been made to offer maximum replayability. In fact some events offer almost unlimited variations. On Jan/2017, the developers games were made freeware.
Freeware Game v3.15 266MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Freeware Game v3.15 266MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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