DROD: The City Beneath Caravel Games / Akella 2007

This is the third game in the series, alternately known as DROD 3.0. It includes all the features of Journey to Rooted Hold, plus a complete new official hold with in-game dialog, 3 new design styles, and further enhanced customizability and networking. Cutscenes support, lighting system and variables that allow non-linear plot progression are the most prominent new features of DROD:TCB. Two Smitemaster's Selection sets were released so far, these being: Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom and Smitemaster for Hire. In Roger Barnett's "DDDD", after Beethro learns a terrifying secret at Lowest Point in DROD: The City Beneath, he seeks to warn everyone of the danger. However, the Empire seeks to block him at every turn. Beethro learns a devilishly dangerous dungeon stands in his way to the one person who might listen to him and do something about it. Join Beethro Budkin in a raucous romp of alliterative allegory in this hilarious hold filled with six loopy levels of fantastic fun! Smitemaster for Hire contains two puzzle-packed holds from master architects Jason Fedor and Rasmus Björling. Suit Pursuit is of medium difficulty. It picks up where Devilishly Dangerous Dungeons of Doom left off. Beethro is making his way back to Rooted Hold to learn about the Grand Event, but someone in the Empire seems to not want him to know a about it. This time, a border checkpoint requires him to start taking his Imperial "profession" seriously. Hilarity - and a lot of smiting - ensues. A cast of new and old faces make an appearance along the way. Complex Complex is a difficult hold that harkens back to the days when Beethro is running his famed Roasted Roach Grill after clearing out King Dugan's Dungeon. Beethro receives a call to infiltrate the secret base of a rogue architect. The price is right, but when Beethro finds himself pinned between two warring factions, will he find he has bitten off more roach meat than he can chew?
Level Demo ~40MB ( @ Caravel Games)
Full Demo v3.2.0 103MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Webfoot DROD + DROD 3D + Architects' Edition + King Dugan's Dungeon + Journey to Rooted Hold + The City Beneath + Smitemaster's Selections + Tendry's Tale - Full Demos 366MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 110MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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