Fatal Relations C's Ware / Himeya Soft 1995

In this adult hentai sexual adventure game, you are Ken. Your parents die in an accident, and the millionaire Mrs. Hayami decides to adopt you. Moving in to her mansion, you discover that she has five lovely daughters. But that's where the insanity unfolds. For starters, each day begins with a blow job from the maid... whether you like it or not. Later on, all the females in the mansion (including Mrs. Hayami) require you to have sex with them... virtually every time they see you. What is wrong with these people? What do they really want? You have to get to the bottom of things or escape from the mansion right away before you yourself go mad. An English release came out in 1998.
Full Demo 6MB (@ DJ Old Games)
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Clone ISO Demo 137MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Browser-Playable Version (uploaded by The Asenheim Project)

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