Gateway, Frederick Pohl's Legend Entertainment Company 1992

The first of a 2-game adventure series based on Frederick Pohl's award-winning science fiction books. You're an astronaut-prospector, out to make your fortune (even though you save the world in this game, I think success is really determined by how much money you have at the end). This is very much classic science fiction, well thought out and detailed. Earth is searching for remnants of an advanced civilization's technology, and prospectors like you risk life and limb to find that big lode of hardware that's gonna make you rich. Along the way you read the news and meet some robots, and everything seems about as likely as sci-fi ever does. It is a very believable future. This is about as intelligent as adventure games get. It has Legend's text parser which fills up a third of the screen with a list of words to choose to perform actions, while another third is for the description of the current scene and the last third is a graphic picture. In 2017, HandsFree made a free fan remake in the more visual style of the later Legend games.
Browser-Playable Java DOS Full Demo (@ DOSdose)
Full Demo 5Mb (@ Juego Viejo)
Included in compilation: Lost Adventures Of Legend ISO Demo211MB (upped by Meddle)
2017 Fan-Made Remake by HandsFree 133MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

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