Golden Immortal Whitestar Mageware Co. / Motherlode Inc. 1991

There's four parts: 1.The Cathedral, 2.The Town, 3.The Course, 4.The Trance. This is one of the first cd-rom games and was ported from the Atari. It's a heroic adventure quest for adults young and old. This multimedia fantasy captivates your intelligence with 130 megs of stunning graphics and over 60 minutes of CD quality sound. Incorporating film-like sequences of T'ai-Chi and other martial arts, the secrets of ancient powers will be revealed. Sojourn through intricate and realistic fantasy environments. Finally, the Hero must undergo a sexual rite of passage...both ethical and exciting, witness the sensual and exotic dances of both good and evil.
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ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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