Heaven Genesis Works 2009

There are two main characters: Joshua – an astronaut on a special mission whose ship lands on the shores of Heaven after being damaged by asteroids and Axis – the Barbie doll woman everyone has been wondering about. Axis was actually born with a paralyzing disease that robbed her of the use of her legs. Her faith in Jesus healed her and she lived to a ripe, old age before going to Heaven. Rounding out the cast are kings, angels, creatures and, of course, Jesus. The game has six levels all presented in a 360-degree panning 3D world. The in-game graphics are quite stunning. It's in the same vein as classic adventure games like Myst. All of the creatures and locations are based on actual biblical descriptions of Heaven. The game follows a character by the name of Joshua who is on a space mission to investigate strange happenings on one of Jupiter's moons, when his ship is damaged while flying through an asteroid field. He awakes to find himself in Heaven where he's guided by an angelic-looking woman to the very throne of God.
DVD ISO Demo 4.15GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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