Heroes: The Sanguine Seven / Heroes The Tantalizing Trio Jeffrey Fullerton / Safari Software 1993

The game bears similarities to many other platform games of the time such as Duke Nukem and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, but still has unique differences. One key feature of the game is the ability to play as seven different "super heroes" each with their own abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. The game features EGA/VGA graphics, PC Speaker sound effects, Sound Blaster FM music tracks, and 360° of smooth parallax scrolling. A jail break has occurred and five of the most notorious outcasts have escaped and eluded authorities successfully, recruited many villains into their army of mass terror and destruction, and have wreaked havoc all over the city of Megalopolis. The villains seem unstoppable, as the police force has failed over and over again to bring the band of bad buddies to justice. As a last resort, a team of super heroes are summoned in an attempt to restore justice in the once proud city of Megalopolis. The gameplay in Heros is like most platform games. The player's goal is to find the exit on each level while avoiding villains and other hazards. All heroes can jump, shoot, and use their unique special abilities. They may also collect miscellaneous items that are scattered around the levels to obtain points. Every ten levels you will face one of the five bosses. The game consists of a total of fifty levels. There are a total of eleven levels in the "Heroes: The Tantalizing Trio" shareware different from the retail game. Some enemies come in different kinds; some chase the player, and yet others fire projectiles at the player. On certain levels the player can find fruit which restores a certain amount of the hero's health. Power gems are scarce but important to the completion of the game. Gems increase certain attributes of the heroes, such as their health, ammo, or jump. Gems can only be used once. The Control Room is the main room in the game. In the control room, you can use power gems, save the game, view the demo, and select the hero that will attempt the next mission. Games can only be saved when exiting a level and returning to the control room. When a hero's health drops down to zero, a protective bubble surrounds the hero and a message is relayed to the Control Room demanding assistance. The score will be reset to the original score that the player had before he entered the level. In addition, any power gems that the hero had in his/her inventory are lost forever. Keys are not lost, and are transferred when another hero picks him/her up. The player must then select another hero, to enter the level and pick up the fallen comrade. If all heroes fall, the game will end. In June 2005, Jeffrey Fullerton released the full version as freeware for personal use.
Full Demo 543kb / Heroes The Tantalizing Trio Shareware 429kb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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