Hexplore Heliovisions Productions / Atari Europe 1998

Immerse yourself in a medieval world in this isometric rpg adventure - a world where Garkham, Grand Master of the Black Magicians, has sworn to take possession of the Book of Hexplore. From this moment, the whole world is in great peril. For this manuscript will most certainly lead those who find it to the Garden of Eden, resting place of the Devine Power. Aware of this immense danger, four heroes join together to thwart Garkham's evil plans and so a perilous adventure begins. Recruit and control a team of four characters: a warrior, an adventurer, a magician and an archer, each with his own individual characteristics. Revel in incomparable gameplay, thanks to an explosive mixture of action and adventure throughout more than 200 maps. Play with up to four players in collaborative mode via either direct connection, modem, local network or over the Internet. Experience the adventure from whichever perspective you wish, thanks to revolutionary technology which offers you 360° camera views without an accelerator card.
Level Demo ~11Mb ( @ Download.com)
Full Demo~51Mb Intro~43Mb Speech ~73Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 424MB (uploaded by Meddle)
ISO Demo 539MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo playable on modern o/s 307MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Fixed exe to run on modern o/s 137.29kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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