Jazz And Faust Saturn+ / 1C 2001

Seek out hidden treasure and uncover a mysterious conspiracy in this 3D adventure game set in the ancient East. It features a point-and-click interface, adventure style puzzles, gathering inventory objects and talking to inhabitants in picturesque locations. Because you can experience the game through two distinct points of view, Jazz and Faust is actually two games set in the same graphic environment. Jazz, a smuggler, starts his story in jail. He must obtain enough gold to buy his freedom and is set free to do so. Faust is a sea captain. His story begins as he searches for a passenger who fails to appear after booking passage on his ship. The stories start in the same city and take place during the same period of time, but otherwise they are different from each other with unique paths, sets of circumstances and puzzles that ultimately lead to the same conclusion. Visit sea ports bustling with merchants selling spices, slaves and other wares, a ghost town, desert caravans, and the treacherous trade routes of the open sea where piracy is commonplace.
Full Demo ~125Mb Intro ~59Mb Outro ~63Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 684MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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