Junkland Jam LTI/Voyager / SouthPeak Interactive 1998

Drabsville, U.S.A. - a little un-noteworthy, waste-of-a-town, where sight-seeing was watching TV, and the only thing to do was buy things from it. Simon Fehfer conducted things differently, though. He was going to be a harmonica maestro. That is, until his mother's newest infomercial purchase, the Turbo-Charged JUNK Sucker 2000, swept-up and swallowed all of his possessions, including his harmonica. Knowing that he'd have to face the music of what might be on the other side, Simon demanded that the scaly, trash-mouthed Junk Sucker take him also. Swept-up, he fell down into the magically-zany, interactive world of Junkland, where through a musical adventure, trash is transformed into treasure and learning is never a waste of time. It's targeted at the 6-10 age group. Using everyday items in the game, seven basic categories of experiments allow the player to learn about magnets and compasses, batteries and electricity, sound and musical instruments, density and water surface tension, lenses and telescopes, rocket propulsion and the periscope. The game comes with a Hohner Marine Band Type Harmonica plus an instruction book on how to play, a 3-song sheet coded for harmonica play and a carrying case. This musical adventure is controlled through a point-and-click interface and features an onscreen cursor in the persona of a firefly. There are five main areas to explore in Junkland Jam including a swamp, the Critterdome (home to smelly discarded fruits and veggies), Motomekka (scrapyard), Luma, filled with old glass and lightbulbs for inspiring bright ideas and the Shack, a music hall for junk bands. Written by noted children's song-writer and publisher Bill Bloom and the award-winning author of Ghostwriter for children, Carin Greenberg Baker, Junkland Jam offers music and logic puzzles in a friendly environment aimed at sparking creative activity.
ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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