Jurassic Park III: Danger Zone Knowledge Adventure / Sierra 2002

In this interactive board-game, a violent earthquake has rocked Jurassic Park, nearly destroying the entire supply of dinosaur DNA. Dinosaurs will go extinct again unless you jump in your four-by-four SUV and complete 15 action-packed missions. You will jump deep ravines, dodge stampeding stegosaurs, decode electric fences, round up raptors, and avoid bubbling tar pits. It features startlingly realistic graphics and dozens of vividly rendered dinosaurs. Challenges generally involve either tests of dinosaur knowledge or arcade-style mini-games like sneaking past a Tyrannosaurus, battling with raptors, or shooting dinosaurs with DNA darts on a firing range.
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ISO Demo 568MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Finnish AlocholClone ISO Demo 479MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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