Menateus Rauser Advertainment GmbH / Siemens Nixdorf 1995

Menateus is a 3D Adventure game that was distributed to promote the millennium world exhibition Expo 2000 in Hannover. It was developed by Rauser Advertainment (a popular German advertisement game developer back in the days) in collaboration with Siemens. The game does not really focus on puzzles, but on conveying the message of the exhibition, "Mankind, Nature, and Technology." You learn that you have been chosen to save the future of mankind, as otherwise they will destroy themselves through their indifference towards nature and each other. You enter a 3D representation of the exhibition in the year 2000, and can enter various buildings. Each building contains a computer which allows you to enter a different Virtual Reality where you have to complete a specific task related to the overall plot. I liked the game for its interesting scenarios and unique design, and also because of its soundtrack. The soundtrack is the earliest video game music work of Fabian Del Priore!
Full Demo 46MB (uploaded by Tadrio)
German ISO Demo 214MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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