Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe Sierra On-Line Inc. 1995

Aimed at pre-school children, Sierra's Mixed-up Mother Goose Deluxe is planted firmly in familiar ground for its age group. It is based on nursery rhymes so there are appearances by Little Bo Peep, Little Jack Horner, Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty, to name but a few. The game begins by offering the child a choice of character to guide through their journey, and at a click of the mouse button the chosen character starts out tucked up in bed. A short dream sequence later he or she is deposited outside the house of Mother Goose who laments that her rhymes are mixed up because the various nursery rhyme characters have lost essential items to complete their rhymes. There are 18 mini quests in all which involve finding such items as Jack and Jill's pail, Bo Peep's Sheep, etc. These are scattered around the game world as are the nursery rhyme characters. The child must wander around to meet the characters and learn what they are missing, then find the lost items and return them to their owners. Returning items initiates an animated sequence accompanied by a lively musical rendition of the respective nursery rhyme. This was yet another and the last updated version of the game. This version has further improved SVGA graphics and a bonus audio CD, as well as the introduction of different melodies and styles of music. In addition, full digital speech was introduced in this version.
EU Multi-4 ISO Demo 384MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
included in King's Quest Collection Series (1997) 3CD ISO Demo 2.03GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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