NeuroDancer: Journey Into The Neuronet! Electric Dreams Inc. / PIXIS Interactive, Inc. 1994

Your goal is to earn enough virtual credits to call "NeuroDancers" (virtual exotic dancers) on the phone and have them dance for you using a HoloTube. The main screen, your control center, is divided into three main areas including the HoloTube, TFUI Monitor and VidFone. Each activity costs a certain number of credits: dancing (100), strip mode (300), remove an article of clothing (100 each piece), and TFUI (Touch and Feel User Interface) (500). The TFUI is activated when you have enough credits and allows you to click on areas of the body you wish to "touch." Controls include an "Orb" navigation button which is used for getting around (turning left, right or forward movement) in the "Electrical Ducts' of the NeuroNET. An Orb action button launches or recalls your Orb, which can be inoperative if too close to a junction box where you receive phone credits. The VidFone is used to view incoming video mail, as well as the dancers, and communicate with the outside world. Different phones that you hookup with, though, have varying fuse times. If your time runs out before you collect your credits, you'll have to contend with the NetPolice. Phone credits are used to recall your Orb and initiate the various NeuroDancer activities. It features Quicktime 3D animation and live motion video and is intended for mature audiences 18 years or older.
ISO Demo 427MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Digital Erotica 3 Sampler CD-ROM containing video intros of NeuroDancer, The Red Chair, Scissors 'n' Stones, Space Sirens, Virtual Vixens, Sex & Money and Passion Files ISO Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Digital Erotica 3

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