Noir: A Shadowy Thriller TSi, Inc. / Cyberdreams, Inc. 1996

Set in the 1940's L.A., you are a classic P.I. and your detective buddy Jack Slayton has gone missing. You take it upon yourself to find him and to do so you'll have to look on the 6 cases Jack was working before he disappeared. The interface consists of a myst-like environment where you click on pictures to use items, talk, move, etc. only this time (and to keep with the mood of the game) the images are high-quality black and white actual pictures (not rendered). Gameplay consists mainly of interacting with people and gathering clues.
2CD ISO Demo 1.08GB (uploaded by Egon68)Win2k/XP fix (uploaded by Arminius)
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 1  2 
Full Demo with DOSBox 1.12GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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