Polar Express, The Blue Tongue Entertainment Pty, Ltd. / THQ, Inc. 2004

The Polar Express is a 3D action platformer based on Robert Zemeckis' animated Christmas film. Play as Chris, the hero boy, and make your way to the North Pole on The Polar Express, helping the other kids to overcome the hazards and villains on the way to meet Santa. Find the children's missing tickets, navigate the spooky train carriage, run along the carriage rooftop, fight against Scrooge, ski down the slopes with the hobo, ride in the suck-o-matic tube system and fly the zeppelin to North Pole. A variety of activities make up this exciting Christmas adventure, including beat/dancing games, run and jumping levels, flying, skiing, and adventure elements, such as collecting lost train tickets and defeating mischievous toys.
Full Demo 203MB Intro 44MB Outro 59MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo 1.2GB (uploaded by Meddle)
Blindwrite Clone *CD1 only* ISO Demo 332MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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