Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire Cyberflix Incorporated / Bandai America, Inc. 1996

Take control of the Power Rangers in a rather dubious platform game to save the world from the Machine Empire. It's a side-scrolling beat-em up featuring the characters from the tv series. The Machine Empire was a massive alien race and galactic empire of mechanical beings, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry. They first appeared in the television show Power Rangers: Zeo. Possessing countless Cogs, Quadra Fighters, and monsters, the Machine Empire had already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It was when the Empire arrived on Earth that they finally encountered a foe capable of repelling their forces, the Zeo Rangers. This game received a rating of 1% from PC gamer magazine. You can finish it in under an hour.
ISO Demo 366MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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