Secret Paths To Your Dreams Addictive Media / Purple Moon 1999

This unique CD made especially for girls ages 9+ by Purple Moon lets kids bring their dreams to life. Recreate and explore dreams like you never thought possible. This CD has everything needed to artistically recreate dreams including lots of backgrounds, stamps, animated brushes, music and sound effects. Kids record their dreams in a dream journal and can analyze and replay their dreams anytime. Use the dream dictionary to discover meanings of common dream symbols. Did you know that angels can mean goodness or a need for protection or guidance. If candles are in your dreams they can be a symbol of hope or mean you are looking for understanding. Whether your dream is underwater, in your classroom or in a fantasy world you can bring it to life and share it with your friends or keep it a secret. Five fictional characters from Whistling Pines Jr. High are designed to represent typical teens. After listening to them relate their dreams, players are asked to illustrate a second dream. If done correctly, the player receives a "dream gem," providing access to other dream items. Additional features include a dream dictionary (dream symbolism) and an option to import personal pictures in .BMP or .JPG format.
ISO Demo 231MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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