Sherlock Holmes: Another Bow Bantam Software Imagic 1985

The first Sherlock Holmes PC game and first in the short-lived "Living Literature" series by Bantam Software of interactive fiction titles. In this original story, an aging Holmes in his 60's becomes involved in a murder mystery aboard the steamship S.S. Destiny. As his mind is not as sharp now, he will rely on you the player as his longtime companion Dr. Watson to help him with the investigation, though he will give you advice throughout. There are dozens of characters (including famous real-life figures such as escapist artist Houdini, Gertrude Stein, Sir Lawrence of Arabia, Picasso and Thomas Edison) to observe, follow and spy on and determine who may be a suspect during the time limited game. There are 6 smaller cases within the whole mystery which must be solved in order to arrive at the final truth.
Full Demo 160kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Browser-Playable JAVA Full DOS Demo ( @ DOSdose)
Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 309kb

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