Slaughtered Roommates WAVE Productions 1999

This is an adult interactive full motion video game and plays along the lines of a "choose your own fate" adventure. Only this time it is taken down to the lowest common denominator. Barbara Joyce as Rachael, Debbie D as Katie, and Vanessa Carlton as Lisa star as three unfortunate victims who face a crazed drug addict (Dean Paul) who wants his drugs. And he'll do anything to get them. Lisa has a recurring nightmare about being kidnapped, along with her 2 roommates, and being sadistically murdered over and over again. You decide whether they live or die. You control the action and you decide what happens next. Each of them faces a terrible death and you decide their fate. You can even choose the method by which they'll die: electrocution, strangling, suffocation, shootings, throat slit, cut in half by a pendulum blade, and more. You'll see 14 different murders. And you get two different endings to choose from. It lasts 60 minutes and has topless nudity, violence, gore.
ISO Demo 584MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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