Spy Fox: Dry Cereal Humongous Entertainment 1997

In Spy Fox: Dry Cereal, Spy Fox is charged with stopping the evil William the Kid, whose dastardly plan is to replace cow milk with goat milk on breakfast tables and lunch trays all over the world. Spy Fox, suave and sophisticated in his tux, is sent to the Greek isle Acidophilus to foil Kid's scheme. Assisting him are the ever-reliable Monkey Penny and Quack. Kids move Fox through a series of screens where they can click on various objects, pick up items they will need later, and interact with characters such as Russian Blue and Hong Kong Doodle along the way. A series of puzzles must be solved, leading the player deeper and deeper into Kid's lair before the final thrilling chase and capture of the fiendish villain. Kids can also take a break with a game of Go Fish with a card-playing pig in a cantina or play an arcade game on Spy Fox's wrist radio. To top it all off, the game is different every time you play.
ISO Demo 367MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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ISO Demo 265MB (uploaded by cocomonk22)
Original 1997 ISO Demo 259MB (uploaded by ClassicComputerGames)

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