What Makes You Tick 2: Stitch in Time, A Matthias Kempke and Greg MacWilliam 2010

This is not a traditional sequel to the freeware What Makes You Tick, for it doesn't exactly pick up where the original left off. Instead, it starts a new story with a new protagonist that overlaps with the continuation of the previous story. You play Nigel Trelawney, just arrived at the town of Ravenhallow to settle his late, estranged father's estate. You quickly discover that this is no simple matter, as Ravenhallow has been overtaken by a sort of parochial Fascisti that, among other injustices, is making it really bothersome to move freely about town. It uses the Lassie adventure game engine - a SCUMM adventure engine powered by Adobe Flash, the creation of developer Greg MacWilliam. There's over thirty playable locations and forty characters. A majority of locations can be explored at both day and night. It has full classic adventure game dialogue and inventory systems, real adventure game puzzles that might actually make you think, and an epic story that plays out over four acts. In July/2015, a voiced English & Spanish version of What Makes You Tick along with this formerly commercial sequel with German subtitles was released in a free pack.
Browser-Playable/Downloadable Level Demo ( @ Lassie Games)
German Repack ISO Demo + English patch & fix by ShinjiGR 86MB (uploaded by Meddle)
What Makes You Tick - English & Spanish voiced free version + A Stitch In Time with German subtitles 433MB (uploaded by zobraks)

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