Thayer's Quest RDI Video Systems / Digital Leisure 2006

Originally released in the arcades in 1984, Thayer's Quest drew fans in with its inventive interface. Instead of the standard joystick for control, it used a unique keypad. Success in this game is all about your decisions, not your reflexes. Designed for the arcade scene by Rick Dyer, the creator of Dragon's Lair, it was a game that gave players more choice and allowed each player to have a unique gaming experience. You control Thayer as he journeys through the Five Kingdoms to recover the lost artifacts of Quoid. Beware of what lies on your dangerous journey through the kingdoms as using the wrong spell or giving up the wrong item could be the last move you make. However, many people you'll meet along the journey will help you. The game is also available as an interactive dvd for your television. The arcade machine made use of a keyboard to issue commands but now you can actually touch items to pick them up. In 1995, Thayer's Quest was adapted and released for several common gaming platforms and CD-ROM under the title "Kingdom: The Far Reaches." Thayer's name was changed to Lathan and all the game sounds and dialogue were redone. In late 1996, Shadoan, a newly animated sequel to "Kingdom," was released.
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DVD ISO Demo 3.86GB (uploaded by Meddle)
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