Thexder Game Arts Co., Ltd. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1987

A platform shooter from Japan, Thexder offers many levels and diverse enemies that gradually increase in difficulty. You pilot a Battletech-style robot capable of switching from a 'mech into a jet at any time. Your weapon auto-aims, but uses up a fixed amount of rechargable energy; if you run out of this energy, you'll have to wait a few seconds before you can fire again. Your 'mech also contains a shield that can be activated to protect you from harm, but this lasts for a few seconds and uses up some of your life energy. It's a solid PC conversion of Game Arts' hit in Japan. All the innovation, however, becomes tiresome quickly as you discover that there is no way to save in mid-level, and levels are *huge*. You also can't switch special weapons during a level, which means you'll need to avoid picking up power-ups you don't need in the midst of all the chaos. All this makes for a very difficult game that's fun only to the most expert and masochistic of gamers.

See also: #Thexder 95

Full Demo 212kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo110kb (@ XTC Abandonware)
Floppy Disk Images ISO 201kb (uploaded by Maraakate)

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