Timothy and Titus: Saints, Martyrs, Heroes White Knight Games 2006

This is a Christian 3D action-adventure platform game from a new Australian developer. The time of early Christianity was testing even to the most faithful — persecution of Christians was particularly rife from the Pharisees & Sadducees to Nero, the Roman Emperor. Amongst it all, the letters from St Paul to Timothy and Titus have gone missing, stolen by a dark, mysterious letter thief. As they seek to recover the stolen scrolls, their adventures will lead them across the ancient lands of Crete, Epheus and Rome to unravel the mystery of the stolen letters and spreading the Christian message to those they encounter along the way — from drunken pagans and Roman soldiers, to grieving widows and angry Pharisees. The game uses a "Christian Gameplay Paradigm", featuring core Christian virtues and actions. Gamers will be able to toggle between the characters of Timothy and Titus, utilizing the power of Faith, Hope, Love, Prayer, the Gospel, Healing and more. Each of the chararacters have different, complementary strengths - learn new Christian abilities, and fast paced action moves to keep them out of danger and to find the missing scrolls through 4 different levels.
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ISO Demo 414MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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