WWF Safari Adventures / WWF Panda Junior Take 2 Interactive 2005

Take 2 Interactive has teamed with the World Wildlife Federation to bring PC owners WWF SAFARI ADVENTURES AFRICA, a game that allows players to take a virtual safari to Africa and discover all the animals, landscapes, and adventures that await. While adventuring through Africa, players will also learn a little bit about the continent thanks to information provided by the World Wildlife Federation. The game follows Alex and Emma as they explore Africa and meet its many inhabitants. Players will have over 90 missions to complete, each with its unique challenges and puzzles to solve. There are nine different habitats in the game, including jungles and pastures. Players have the ability to take pictures of the different animals they encounter and save them to a photo album. These pictures can also be printed. Young players interested in traveling the world will enjoy getting to know the many animals of Africa .
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Full Demo ~177MB ( upload by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 635MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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