X-Change 2 Crowd Co. Ltd / Peach Princess 2003

In this sequel to the original hentai adventure, one year has passed since the events described in X-Change. Takuya Aihara has a steady girlfriend named Asuka, and studies at the Miyanomori Private School. Are the nightmares of his past life in a girl's body finally over? Probably not... A chemistry club member Chisato uses Takuya as a guinea pig in an experiment, and as a result he turns into a girl again. Only this time, not only men, but also girls want him. "X-Change 2" features more hardcore scenes than its predecessors, including lesbian sex. There are 23 possible endings to the game you can attain by making choices that are presented to you during its course. A revised version named X-Change 2R was later released that featured updated graphics, more girls/pics, and an additional ending. The sister of the main character makes an appearance (when she was originally not in 2), and the graphics take up the full 800x600, instead of the partial screen it did in the original 2. That means sometimes the original graphics are either stretched to the 800x600 size, or there is additional graphic on the top or bottom.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Trey) 426MB
Proper 2CD ISO Demo (includes Music) 1.20GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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