City Of Secrets / Reksio: Miasto Sekretów aideMMedia / Lezard Interactive 2009

Originally a 2009 Polish game then it was made in English for the iPhone/iPad. Finally, it was ported to PC in 2011 for $7.99 download. Go underground into the City of Secrets. Enter a brilliant high definition world of revolution, mystery, and adventure as you pull together the clues and solve puzzles to uncover the sinister plot. Rex, the brave dog, accidentally falls into the underground city of moles where he is captured and imprisoned for espionage. The not so brave and not so clever Mr. Moles must come to the rescue. Breaking Rex out of jail is just the tip of the iceberg. A unique adventure that includes plenty of humor awaits you. It's time for a revolution! Hand drawn graphics accompanied by excellently animated 3d characters and layered backgrounds. It has full voice acting, intriguing plot with interesting characters, a unique game world and puzzles, an innovative hint system that helps if you get stuck, and original soundtrack.
English Full Demo 280MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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