Fable III: Understone Quest Pack DLC LionHead Studios / Microsoft Game Studios 2011

This DLC is available for $4.99 on Steam. Discover a whole new town built underground by a crazy inventor beneath the streets of Bowerstone. This full size region contains new houses and stalls to own, new creatures to fight and a major mystery to solve. In the end, you will decide the fate of the town and its people. As a special bonus, you will also receive two extra quests for free: the Mercenary Shooting Range, where you can earn prizes by hitting a variety of targets, and the Wheel of Misfortune, which gives you a chance to return to Reaver's manor and participate in his insane combat arena. Featuring new commentary from Hatch and Reaver himself!
Fable III + DLC - Repack Full Demo 9.89GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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