Dusty Dimmer [G] SillyWood Productions / PEARL Agency GmbH 1994

In this interactive FMV adventure, your goal is to get the playboy Dusty dimmer. In the 1CD Demo version, you can visit Dusty in her home or the Fitness center and unite ladies in visions of them dancing. In the full version, which nevertheless covers 6 CD, Dusty can visit a beer garden or travel to the tennis court. There is no drama or mental requirements of the player likewise. But the music is quick and the dances entertaining. There are even some visual effects. Dimmer's answering machine is mostly empty or has senseless messages but her computer nevertheless gives from time to time absurd hints. A nice idea is it that the persons introduce themselves alternatively, even those who only appear for a few seconds in the action. Attempts at humor include when Dusty speaks with a table, a cabinet or a lamp - and gets an answer.
German Monumental Version 6CD ISO Demo 2.17GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
German ISO Demo 450MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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