Dazzeloids Voyager Company, The 1994

Who can save the citizens of Compli City from the sinister threat of mind-numbing boredom? The Dazzeloids, of course! They are: Stinkabod Lame (daredevil, prankster, slamdancer), Yendor Talbneerg (technoid supreme), and Titan Rose (muscleman and poet). Their commander is Anne Dilly Whim, out to avenge her sister's death of boredom in front of the TV. Together, they battle the Mediogre, head of the Blando Corporation and power-mad capitalist worm, and his techno-weasel sidekick, Pin Bleeper. In "A Child is Bored" the Dazzeloids save little Jeremy Gerbilman from brainwashed zombification (too much Blando television!). Their mission in "Banker, Spare that Petshop" is to rescue the smelly but lovable Probe and Poke Petshop from the void of the Mediogre's Transglumifier. The story lines change depending on which character you send to the rescue, so learn what goes on inside their heads in the music-video-inspired "Dazzeloid Dreams." Dazzeloids is crammed with brilliant animation, strange poems and infectious songs, narrated text with definitions of real and made-up words, crazy sound effects, and enough absurd surprises to entertain for hours. Boredom is banished when the Dazzeloids hit town!
Full ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Level Demo included in: Voyager Presents (1995) ISO Demo 294mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Full Demo with DOSBox 320MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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